Why the panda plushies of Panda Factory are so expensive?

Pandas are the cutest! And, if you like me, you want to show off your love for pandas with a high quality realistic panda plush.
Then you Google it with "realistic panda plush", or you stumbled across a photo of the super cute Hehua panda plush posted by someone else on Instagram or Facebook.
Finally you found the Panda Factory online that meets your requirements.
But you are surprised by the cost of those realistic panda plushies from Panda Factory.
You can't help but ask in your mind:" Although those panda plushies are cute, why are they so expensive?"
Well, the final price of our Panda Factory's panda plush will depend on many factors.

1. Top Materials Used

How much does it take to make?
If you choose to use expensive materials, your final product will also be more expensive.
When deciding about materials, it took us half a year to select materials because we place great emphasis on quality and safety.
After countless attempts, we finally decided to choose high-quality lambskin imported from Europe. This chrome-free tanned lambskin is produced in Turkey's Angola province.
It is a high-quality wool fiber with a smooth surface, almost no curl fur, long and thick, with a silky high luster and sheen, excellent resilience, and durability. The touch feel of this material is 99% similar to the real panda cub.
We chose 100% real EU chrome-free tanned lambskin and eco-friendly natural latex particles fills for our design because it looks more realistic and feels great in your hands!

2. 100% Handmade

It's hard to price a handmade item. In other words, excluding material costs, how much is your time worth?
All our panda plushies are 100% handmade, therefore each artist has to finish each step in the process.
Our artisans have honed their craft over years of experience—some even passed down their skills from generation to generation!
It took 50+ process, 7 artisans and three days to finish a perfect panda plush.
Each step of the process is done by hand and has to be done by different people.
So when you purchase a panda plush from us, you're getting something truly unique and special!

3. Complexity of Design

Before designing the Panda Factory panda plushies, we spend two years conducted systematic and in-depth study on pandas cubs, visited major panda breeding bases and conducted in-depth communication with many panda breeders to understand the physiological details, behaviors, and habitats of pandas in order to achieve 1:1 copy with the real panda in terms of body shape, touch feel, appearance and weight.
Whether it is the selection of materials or the design of models, we have made countless attempts, and finally we have a perfect combination of materials, design and traditional craftsmanship.
Every feature, from the eyes, face, fur, figure, weight, skull or paws - everything looks so realistic that you might think they are real!
This means that our one-of-a-kind panda plushies may cost more than their mass produced counterparts—but hey! You're buying the best panda plush here too :)

4. Collectible

With the perfect designs and masterful craftsmanship, Panda Factory's realistic panda plush represents the pinnacle of quality and authenticity.
Each handmade realistic panda plush is a great collectible that is suitable as a unique high-value handicraft and a life-long companion for panda lovers.
If you are a collector of high-quality handmade plushies and are proud of them, this is exactly what you want!

5. Limited Quantities

Due to the high demand for quality and details, and the time and energy of the skilled artisans in the Panda Factory are limited, therefore, only limited quantities are available at any given time.
We hope this won't be a problem and encourage you to act as quickly as possible if you see something that catches your eye.
The sooner you buy one of our panda plushies, the sooner you'll be able to have it!

6. All-in Price

All-in price is simple and straightforward that includes everything.
The price you see is the final price that includes the cost of panda plush, freight, transaction fee, and taxes, with no additional charges.
An all-in price policy not only frees you from worrying about shipping and taxes, but also you will know that we treat every customer equally, regardless of location and other factors.

So, all things considered, the cost of our Panda Plush is not just the price tag or the materials used.
It also depends on how much time and energy you spend on making sure that each product is perfect.
We hope this article has helped you understand why our plush toys are more expensive than others, even though they don't cost as much as other handmade toys in stores.

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