Hi, We're Panda Factory!

Panda Factory

A Panda For Everyone

Anyone can have a panda plush from Panda Factory, hugging a panda is no longer a dream!

Panda Factory Shop is your exclusive online destination for handcrafted premium quality life-size panda realistic stuffed animals as toys, decorations, friends, luxury gifts, or collections.
Hi, We're Panda Factory!

Panda Factory was built to deliver handmade, quality, cute realistic panda plush for panda lovers of all ages.
We started this company because we love giant pandas and wish panda lovers all over the world can have a panda of their dreams.
We believe cuteness and quality should always play well together, hugging for a cute panda you will get a feeling of love, comfort and security, and that quality mean a life-long companion.
Happy shopping!

Keep The Craft Skills and Traditional Going
Our handmade panda plush also a traditional handicraft that plays a critical role in representing the culture and traditions of our country.
Traditional handicrafts still have much value even when machine-produced goods are readily available.
It is a powerful medium to preserve rich traditional art, heritage, culture, traditional skills, and talents associated with people's lifestyles and history.
Meet The Man

Hu Yulu, the founder of the panda factory, has loved giant pandas since he was a kid.
He has many years of experience in handmaking realistic plushies and has conducted in-depth research on giant pandas. The first person to handmade super realistic panda plushies.

Panda Factory has a proven, trusted team, everyone puts their knowledge, and energy fully into making panda plushies, they are the secret to the success of Panda Factory.

We love pandas just like you.
We hope our realistic panda plush will encourage you to know more about pandas' characteristics, behavior, habitat, etc. You will get closer to pandas through our "True to Life" panda plushies.
We have been supporting the breeding, raising, rewilding and other undertakings of pandas, striving to promote the influence of panda culture on a global scale, and making panda culture a trend — that's what sets us apart from everyone else.
We care people
We actively participate in the "Accompanying Cancer Children, Happy Healing" project carried out by the Rainbow Foundation.
We will especially present our realistic panda plushies to children with cancer who like giant pandas.
We hope that panda plush can accompany brave children in a hard time to beat cancer!
Panda plushies are loved by many

As an original brand, Panda Factory has been uncompromising on the design and quality standards of those panda stuffed animals. 

After nearly two years of laborious research and design, we launched three super-realistic panda plushies of three months, five months, and 1.5 months successively that combine the artisans' extremely exquisite fur craftsmanship with realistic but cute panda design. This noble, lively and rugged wool feels like real panda fur. As soon as the 100% handmade realistic panda products came out, they not only won the love of panda lovers but also became the vane of the realistic art toys market.When you hold these amazing "True to Life" panda plushies, you will see and feel Panda Factory's emphasis on quality, which is a result of meticulous attention to design, top-notch material selection, strict control of details, skilled artisans' painstaking effort, carving, cutting, sewing, stuffing, prosthetic eye placement, feature creation, framing, air brushing, and finishing, etc.

Anyone can have a panda plush from Panda Factory

pandafactoryshop.com is the only official website of Panda Factory and is the very best place to buy heirloom-quality 1:1 lifelike panda stuffed animals that are available for free shipping worldwide.

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