How Panda Factory Realistic Panda Plushies are Made?

Welcome to the Panda Factory, we are the world's leading manufacturer of realistic panda plushies. Our top-secret panda plushie handcrafting process is unlike any other. Panda Factory Realistic Panda Plushies are carefully crafted pieces of art that are built to last. It takes 7 expert artisans up to 5 days to produce a Panda Factory panda plush that cannot be replicated by any machine. What do you think goes into making a realistic Panda Plushie? If you guessed "a lot of love", you're partially right. At Panda Factory, we also put a lot of care into making sure our panda plushies are of the highest quality. Well, in this blog post, we will take you behind the scenes of our handcrafting process and show you how our panda plushies are brought to life!
Here are some important steps that go into making an amazingly realistic panda plush:
1. Cutting the lambskin
Preparing the high quality lambskin is the first step towards crafting a heart-melting panda plush.
The lambskin is first examined for any defects. All defects are marked with a black marker and are then removed.
Once the lambskin has been fully examined it gets sketch and cut. However, it can be difficult to cut lambskin with fur into the desired shape without damaging it.
This requires an experienced artisan to cut it using a sharp expert fur knife with extreme caution. It is an incredibly important step that can take a couple of hours to complete.
2. Stitching
Stitching the lambskin fur is also done by the expert artisans, who take care to stitch every detail of panda plush. The black and white lambskin is held together using a wooden clamp, while the artisans sewn them together using a needle and thread with precision. They have to stitch-by-stitch each part one by one, making it possible to get much more detailed with how they want each part to look like and it also makes sure that all parts are well matched together so they are durable enough. The Panda Factory lifelike panda plush's body, eyes, mouth, paws, tails, ears etc details should be credited to the expert artisans who have years of experience, the stitching is always done with complete perfection.
3. Hand Carving
To ensure that panda plush looks more real, each panda skull and muzzle of Panda Factory is hand carved from a piece of high-density eco-friendly silicone.
Hand carving panda skull is a process that requires artistic skills. It's an accurate imitation of the real panda with life-like features and expression.
4. Modeling
The highly detailed molds were created by skilled artisans, who meticulously shape each piece of clay with a needle to form realistic details of panda's nose, paws and eyelids.
Those super realsitic eyelids, noses and paws are molded from these specially designed molds. Made from eco-friendly resin and hand painted.
5. Stuffing
Stuffing is a really important step in our panda plush making.
When it is done well, the finished panda plush is firm and smooth and completely filled out, from its tiniest extremity to its widest part.
When it is done poorly, the finished panda plush is lumpy in some parts and deflated in others and it may not stand properly.
It is easy to ruin a beautifully design panda plush with a poor stuffing job.
To hold panda plush shape well, our expert artisan will shape and smooth the eco-friendly latex particles to avoid lumps or hollow areas slowly and carefully.
Therefore, stuffing a panda plush is a slow process. It can take as long as to stuff properly than it can to cut and sew the body together.
6. Trimming
Trimming the panda plush is a delicate and ridiculously time-consuming process.
The artisans should have the perfect technique to trim the panda plush in a way that both retained its fluffy feel and preserved its iconic shape.
Just like the professional hairdressers, and the scissors in their hands must be performed precise and perfect.
If they accidentally cut one extra fur, it may ruin the entire look of panda plushies.
7. Inspecting
Once a realistic panda plush is complete, the inspection process is thorough.
An inspector will go over every little detail of the panda plush in order to ensure that it's up to Panda Factory standards.
If the panda plush passes this final inspection, it gets packed in the box and sent out to one of the customer around the world.
If any imperfect details are found, they are normally modified again by skilled artisans, some seriously flawed will be destroyed.
Panda Factory does not risk having an imperfect realistic panda plush in the hands of panda lovers.
Panda Factory's realistic panda plushies are some of the most detailed and intricate stuffed animals on the market.
They are made with premium materials and every single stitch is placed with precision.
The creation process for each panda plush is lengthy and requires a lot of attention to detail since they are all handcrafted.
If you're looking for a unique and high-quality stuffed animal, look no further than Panda Factory!
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